Introducing Pix Automatico: Recurring Payments

Introducing Pix Automatico: Recurring Payments

The world of digital payments is constantly evolving, and Brazil stands at the forefront of this evolution with the introduction of “Pix Automatico.” This new addition to the existing Pix payment system promises to redefine recurring payments, and here’s why businesses and consumers should be excited.

Understanding Pix and Pix Automatico

Pix has radically transformed the payment landscape in Brazil. Imagine having your coffee at a local cafe, and when the bill comes, you pay instantly using your banking app, no credit card or cash needed. Pix made this possible. Since its launch in November 2020 by the Brazilian Central Bank, it has seen exponential adoption, with over 70% of Brazilians using it by 2022.

Enter “Pix Automatico,” the next evolution of the Pix system. It is designed for recurring payments, whether monthly, biweekly, or any other interval. This new feature paves the way for the 147 million active Pix users to handle recurring purchases beyond just cards.

Pix Automatico: Features and Advantages

Automatic Recurring Payments: Users can set up payments for regular bills, subscriptions, and more directly from their bank account, making transactions smoother and businesses more efficient.

Standardized Contracts: One standardized contract for recurring payments, removing the complexities of multiple agreements with varying terms and fees. This is a significant time and money saver for businesses.

Enhanced Competitiveness: With the introduction of Pix Automatico, Brazil attracts more international companies, fostering competition and creating more opportunities for domestic and international enterprises alike.

Consumer Benefits: From the ease of automatic payments to the flexibility to adjust or cancel them anytime, Pix Automatico puts control in the hands of the consumer. This aligns with the broader goal of enhancing financial inclusion and providing digital payment solutions for everyone.

A Glimpse into the Potential of Pix Automatico

If the success of Pix is any indication, Pix Automatico is set to revolutionize the payment landscape. Consider these insights:

  • New Customer Acquisition: During a recent analysis, 62% of consumers using Pix were new to the merchant platform, accounting for 40% of the volume paid via Pix.
  • Sales Volume Boost: Merchants that integrated Pix saw a 20% uptick in sales volume.

The Future with Pix Automatico

As we approach its official launch in April 2024, businesses should gear up to leverage Pix Automatico. This feature promises not only to simplify the recurring payment process but also to draw in new customers and enhance sales volume. As the Brazilian market becomes more dynamic, staying updated with these innovations will be paramount.

Discover more about the latest in payment solutions and explore opportunities for expansion across various markets in Latin America.


Hanlie Richter

Marketing Analyst at FacilitaPay and Growth enthusiast.


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