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Meet FacilitaPay. The future of payment ecosystem.
We developed the best solutions for international companies to access LatAm.

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Designed to take your business
to the next level.

Grow exponentially and increase revenue in Latin America through our +100 local payment methods including credit cards and alternative payment methods with high performance in approval and conversion rates, besides a great speed in processing. FacilitaPay platform is designed to provide the full local payment ecosystem with a single integration, enabling companies to expand their market reach fast.


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Connect to our proprietary technology, constantly evolving to meet our customers' demands, with one single API.

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Pay in & Pay outs

Local acquiring in LatAm market, and over 190+ connections worldwide. Open banking crypto acceptance over 50+ APMs.


Built to be scalable and help companies to process a high demand of payments instantly through global connections, consolidating data and payment information to enhancing authorizations.

Customized for your needs

Enabling different businesses models and funds flow to integrate any customer need, adapting the infrastructure to fit different regulations and risk levels.

Scalable & reliable

Technology created to keep performance during high-demand peak events and maintaining the same level of speed. Ensuring 99.999% uptime and 24x7 monitoring.

Actionable reporting

Get data that adds value to your business from any transaction or customer behavior. We have all the information just an endpoint away.

We got your back, always

Our team help clients to operate locally, without the necessity of talking to chatbots or opening tickets. We are here for you.

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Accept all payment methods available in each country

Click to discover all payment methods
Click to discover all payment methods
Click to discover all payment methods
Click to discover all payment methods

The revolutionary instant payment method for global companies. The Brazilian payment method accepted worldwide.

With PIX Global, you receive transactions immediately in your account, avoiding abusive fees and improving your customer experience.

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How it works

Merchant inputs the amount to be charged to the client in USD

A QR code is created for the transaction with the equivalent amount in BRL

The client scans the QR code with his banking app

The client completes the payment locally through PIX

The payment is available for the merchant automatically in our platform

Once requested, funds are settled to the merchant’s account in USD


Easy to setup and start

One simple integration, multiple countries

Step 1
Plataform and APIs Demo.
Step 2
Definition of payment flow and available currencies.
Step 3
Negotiating terms and signing a contract.
Step 4
Step 5
Penny tests, final adjustment.
Step 6
Acess the local payment market with our solution.
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Understand more about local payment methods availabe in each country, consumer behavior and local data. You will find everything you need for your expansion.