Chile has the highest level of access to banking Services in LatAm.

With the highest banking rate compared to other nations in LatAm, nearly all Chileans possess a debit card and bank account, with about 74% of the population having a banking relationship. Home to about 20 million people, Chile is ripe for the growth of ecommerce and increased demand for online products.

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Market Overview Chile

Population - 19M

With a population of over 19M, Chile generates a GDP of 298M.

eCommerce - $4.5B

Chile has the highest eCommerce transaction per capita in LatAm, with a average ticket of USD 222.

eShoppers - 4M

85% of the eCommerce purchases are domestic.

Easily enter the most banked population among all the other LatAm counties. 

Offer RedCompra, Mach and many other payment methods.

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Chile’s eCommerce payment mix

Improve your payment acceptance by offering local payment methods in Chile

98% OF

Internationally-enabled credit cards - 56%

Debit Card - 16%

Bank Transfers - 13%

Digital Wallets - 7%

Domestic-only credit cards - 3%




South America


Chilean Peso
USD/CLP = 851,00




US$ 301.93B


US$ 16.625


Explore the opportunities in Chile

Large market

Chile has a population of over 19 million people, providing a significant potential market for digital products and services.

Increasing internet usage

Chile has seen significant growth in internet usage in recent years, with over 70% of the population now using the internet. This presents an opportunity for digital companies to reach a large and growing user base.


Leader in online sales, reaching USD 18 billion by 2022, even with the lowest annual growth rate of 10%.

Mobile-first market

Chile is a mobile-first market, with a high percentage of the population accessing the internet through their mobile devices. This makes it an attractive market for mobile apps and services.

Government support

The Chilen government has taken steps to support the growth of the digital economy, including promoting investment and innovation in the sector.

Payment Methods

RedCompra (Debit)

This is the most common debit system in Chile, allowing secure and instant payments. It is integrated into practically all banks in the country and is accepted in many commercial establishments.

Webpay (Credit and Debit Card)

This online system allows payments via credit and debit cards and is widely accepted in e-commerce in Chile. It offers a convenient and secure way to carry out online transactions.


It's a mobile app that facilitates digital payments and transfers. With this platform, users can make payments in physical stores and online in a quick and secure manner.

Bank Transfer

Transfers between bank accounts are common for higher-value payments. Many Chilean banks offer instant or nearly instant transfers.


This is a service that allows cash deposits and withdrawals at stores and affiliated establishments. It also offers options for bill payments and services.


This is a popular method for paying bills and making other types of payments in physical establishments. It's a convenient way to pay utility bills, taxes, and other expenses without the need for a bank account.


Credit card issued by the Falabella store, it is one of the most popular credit cards in Chile and is accepted at various establishments. It also offers financing options.


Service that allows the payment of bills and other financial transactions in physical establishments. It is widely used for utility bill payments, mobile phone top-ups, and others.


This is a credit card issued by the Hites store and is accepted at a variety of establishments in addition to the brand's own stores. It also offers various promotions and discounts.


Specific credit card, generally accepted in affiliated stores and establishments such as supermarkets and gas stations. Offers benefits like exclusive discounts and promotions.

Mercado Pago

This is a widely used digital wallet for online shopping, bill payments, and money transfers. It offers a secure and convenient way to conduct financial transactions.


This international online payment service is accepted by many sellers and online stores in Chile. It is a safe and effective option for cross-border transactions.

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