Master local payment collection in emerging markets

Boost payment conversion rate and reach by offering your users a payment experience they choose daily.

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Deliver a local payment experience and leverage the best features to boots conversion rates

  • Local Credit/Debit cards
  • Local transfers
  • Local alternative payment methods
  • Digital Wallets

Reach more than 95% consumers in emerging markets, by accepting the payment methods in which they rely on every day

  • Increase approval rates
  • Prevent chargebacks
  • Connect directly to local payment rails
  • Deliver a faster and low cost experience to your end users

How it works

Step 1
A multi-currency account within FacilitaPay is created for the merchant
Step 2
End user instructs a payout directly on merchant's page/app
Step 3
FacilitaPay API acts in the back-end of the merchant's banking system
Step 4
FacilitaPay receives the payout instruction
Step 5
FacilitaPay convert the funds between internal accounts
Step 6
They payout is processed by FacilitaPay payment network

See how FacilitaPay payment solutions for emerging markets can help your business


Improve the payments section of your user’s journey and make recurring and subscription billing more efficient

Shared economy & marketplaces

Experience frictionless low cost and high value volume payments and mass payouts to run a smooth operation in emerging markets

Online retail

Sell in the way your customers want to buy with all your payment methods and currencies in one platform

Digital dashboards

Control all your online transactions in real time.

High cyber security level

Utilizes high-end transaction monitoring software integrated to our API, upholding financial operation security at all times.

Strong compliance

Monthly installments, embedded payment optimization and advanced KYC and AML processes, including real-time validation.