Send mass payouts easily to LATAM

Pay your local sellers and partners depositing local currency directly to their local bank accounts.

Start now

Distinguish your global transactions with a localized payment experience

Improve your cross-border recipient experience by getting them paid the way they expect to be paid, and with the fastest time-to-account in emerging markets.

FeatureOther SolutionsFacilitaPay
Instant payout notificationautomatic instant
Check Payout notificationautomatic instant
Quick payout cancellationmanual few hours
Check currency exchangeautomatic instant
Flexible funding currencyautomatic instant
Granular and visual reportingautomatic instant
Workflows automationautomatic instant

Scale your Payouts operations effortlessly

Use a single integration to automate hours of manual dedication from your team, while reducing human error risk. Avoid dealing with multiple payout providers.

Eliminate risks and operational burdens in emerging markets

Paying out your partners and sellers worldwide can be arduous due to diverse compliance requirements, unpredictable regulatory changes, and volatile currency fluctuations. FacilitaPay manages all these risks with its team of local experts.

How it works

Step 1
A local bank account within FacilitaPay is created for the merchant
Step 2
End user accesses merchants checkout page / app
Step 3
FacilitaPay API acts in the back end of the checkout page
Step 4
FacilitaPay receives and identifies the deposits made in the local account
Step 5
FacilitaPay converts the funds to the currency of the merchant choosing
Step 6
The merchant chooses when the money is wired to the their international bank account

See how FacilitaPay payment solutions for emerging markets can help your business


Improve the payments section of your user’s journey and make recurring and subscription billing more efficient

Shared economy & marketplaces

Experience frictionless low cost and high value volume payments and mass payouts to run a smooth operation in emerging markets

Online retail

Sell in the way your customers want to buy with all your payment methods and currencies in one platform

Digital dashboards

Control all your online transactions in real time.

High cyber security level

Utilizes high-end transaction monitoring software integrated to our API, upholding financial operation security at all times.

Strong compliance

Monthly installments, embedded payment optimization and advanced KYC and AML processes, including real-time validation.

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